Monday, February 2, 2009


I just want to say I love sneakers, I absolutley love em'!
But I ain't got the time, money, and dedication to be collecting sneakers at the moment, Maybe later on when I'm a millionare (Yea, I tend to get cocky every once in a while, But who doesn't right?) So anyway yeah I just wanted to say to all you Korean, Japanese, and Filipino (I still love you guys, Mahal Kita<3) UNDERAGE sneakerheads to CHILL THE FUCK OUT!!!! Ya'll niggas always hatin'. Ya'll need to find somethin' better to do wid your time for real. Stop hatin' on niggas jus cas they kicks ain't as "high class" as yours or cas they rockin' supras! supras are hella ugly though, haha. But I ain't trippin'. You know why cas that ain't me man!!! Ya'll need to look at the sneaker game through another niggas perspective stop being so goddamn ignorant, And just stick to what you do best, which is collect sneakers, leave all the shit talkin' to the bitches!

these are the kicks that made me fall in love with retro jordans, The fives.<33
I have four pairs of these bout to make it five in less than a month.
(All 5's in this picture are og's, Idk whose they are though just found the picture on the web, whoever you are I have just one word for you LUCKY.)
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Here are just three of my favorite dunks.<33
De la highs.
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Pee wee hermans. (Eventhough the real Pee Wee creeps me out)
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Last but certainly not least, Stussy's.<33
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