Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Formal.

So the winter formal for my school wiil be held tommorrow january 31st at none other than the infamous v20 nightclub in Long Beach, California, sounds like it's goin to be a pretty amazing night for my peers, you may ask why I personaly will not be attending this event, because the majority of my first semester I spent slacking, spending too much time " kickin' it wid the homies" and not studying and doing my homework as much as i should've, well our wonderful, caring principal (Dr. Carpenter.) put in a new set of rules this year, you must have at least a 2.0 grade point average to attend and participate in all of the schools' extra-curricular activities, events etc. So being the wonderful student I am I paid absolutley no attention to this rule, that is until it came into effect for me. So basically after our winter break I worked my ass off to raise what was at the time a .66 gpa, to a 2.0, an impossible task for most. that didn't stop me from at the very least trying, not only beacause I really can't afford to fail any classes this year, but I really did not want to upset my beautiful girlfriend. To make a long story short, current gpa 1.9, yeah i came close but it just wasn't enough. I guess i had a major epiphany (sudden realization of the essence or meaning of something) because now im focusing more on my schoolwork, Goal for my second semester: 3.0 gpa, no joke. Haters, Watch me do me!

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